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Reunion Manager Cost & Comparison

Reunion Manager has the lowest costs within the industry.

Reunions Made Easy !


Reunion Manager has a one time Support fee of $89.95.

There are NO Monthly or Annual Fees.

Use your Reunion Website for FREE to run all future Reunions & Manage your Alumni contact information in between Reunions or to schedule other Alumni events at anytime.

Reunion Manager Cost Comparison Chart

Reunion Manager
  One Time Support Fee
    $89.95+ $0 $0

  Credit Card Processing Fee
    All Major
Credit Cards
Visa &
Visa &
    2.99% 5.90% 5.5%

  per Credit Card Transaction Fee
    $0.80 $0.75 $0.99

  Mail in Payments Fee, manually entered by you.
    FREE FREE 2.50% + .90 per
Example online Reunion Ticket Purchase
  Reunion Ticket Price
$50 $50

  Credit Card Processing Fee
    $2.29 $3.70 $3.75

  Net Funds Reunion Recieves per $50 Ticket
    $47.71 $46.30 $46.25

  Net Funds Recieved per 100 Tickets Sold
    $4,771.00 $4,630.00 $4,625.00

  Annual Fee
    $0 $199* $0

  Other Fees
    $0 up to $30
per transfer
$25 wire
Transfer fee

Free Reunion Photographer

Receive Reunion Ticket Money
  FREE Transfered to a PayPal Acct & Bank Delayed 5-7 days Check or Wire 7-10 days AFTER Event Check or Wire

+ $89.95 is a one-time, lifetime, support fee. No annual charges EVER.
* Premium Service with comparable level of services that Reunion Manager provides as standard.
Support FEE deducted from your ticket sales, no upfront payment or credit card required.

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