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By agreeing to the terms you are authorizing Reunion Manager to deduct the 1 Time, non refundable, support fee of $79.95 from your ticket sales as they come in. And agree to Reunion Manager Terms of Use.

I also understand that I am not liable for the support fee if no tickets are sold through the Reunion Manager website.

Once you click the create button please do not move from this page while your Reunion Site is being created.

Create your Reunion Website now even if you are not going to be selling your tickets immediately.

The sooner it is created the sooner it will appear in search engine results such as Google.

Alumni tend to start searching for their Reunion Information on "Big Reunion Years" such as 10th-20th-25th-30th-40th & 50th Reunion years.

This will help let missing Alumni find you.


There is a 1 time only support fee of $79.95

The Support fee will be deducted from your ticket sales as they come in, so there is no upfront fee to get started selling tickets now.

This is a one time only fee there are no other cost by the Reunion Manager site for an unlimited number of Alumni to register for your Reunion Event, both now and for all other future reunion events.

Account may be used for free for all future reunions at no additional cost.

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Support Fee is non-refundable.

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