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HINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL Reunion Class of 1976

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To say our 40th Reunion was a success would be an understatement.

Most everyone agreed it was the best reunion we've ever had, of course our 

memories are going now, since all past reunions were great too.

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Enjoy the Video




Saturday - September 10, 2016

Reunion Committee:
Mary Carnes (Bonelli) - Chairperson
Carolyn Antoine (Bacon)
Ginny DeSimone (Mooridian)
Brian Earley
Maryann Englander (O'Neil)

Hotel Information

We recommend the you go to




Click here to See hotels in Rockland up
near Queen Anne Corner 

to see what the current rates are in 2012 the Nantasket Beach Resort told us that rooms would be $250 but through this site most people were able to get rooms at around $89 per night.

We'll post the current rates here each day as we get closer to the reunion on September 10, 2016. 

If you're going to stay for th weekend also look on




there are always a number of house/apart rentals listed there as well. 


Josephine's on the Bay Bed and Breakfast

Hull Ma

Click here

Hotels on Nantasket Beach:   

Nantasket Beach Resort

Nantasket Hotel 

Hotel at beginning of beach at
Cohasset end  


Other Hotels in Rockland past Queen Anne Corner
or in Cohasset Harbor and Scituate Harbor

Overnight accommodations:

Cohasset Harbor Inn
124 Elm Street
Cohasset, MA
(781) 383-6650
The Inn at Scituate Harbor
7 Beaver Dam Road
Scituate, MA
(781) 545-5550



Minimum stay requirements may be required.



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Class of 1976
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Hingham, MA Online Reunion Yearbook
254 - Alumni Registered - See you at the Next Reunion !
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    First Name Last Name Maiden Name City St Country Reunion 2016-09-10
1. David CA USA Unable
1976 2. Jeff MA USA Unable
3. Patti MA USA Unable
4. Jim ME USA Yes
5. Paul MA USA Deceased
6. Carolyn MA USA Yes
7. Lorie MA USA Maybe
8. Roanna MA USA Yes
9. Thomas USA Deceased
10. Cynthia MA USA Yes
11. Stephen VT USA Yes
12. John VT USA Unable
13. Bill MA USA Yes
14. Pam MA USA Maybe
15. Ken MA USA Maybe
16. Stuart NH USA Maybe
17. Kathy MA USA Maybe
18. Dan VA USA Yes
19. Mary NH USA Yes
20. Sean CT USA Yes
21. Kim USA Yes
22. Mary Ann MA USA Yes
23. Margaret MA USA Maybe
24. Joe Yes
25. Laurie MA USA Yes
26. Jeffrey MA USA Unable
27. Brenda MA USA Maybe
28. Ginia MA USA Maybe
29. Mary Yes
30. Julie MA Maybe
31. David MA USA Maybe
32. Colleen MA USA Maybe
33. Robin USA Deceased
34. Sheryl Maybe
35. David Maybe
36. Wendy MA USA Unable
37. Kevin Maybe
38. Christine NH USA Yes
39. Paul MA USA Maybe
40. Brenda TX USA Unable
41. Wayne MA USA Yes
42. Ginny Unable
43. Joseph MA USA Yes
44. Jayne MA USA Yes
45. David MA USA Maybe
46. Margaret MA USA Maybe
47. Michael MA USA Yes
48. Janice ME USA Yes
49. Kathy MA USA Maybe
50. Charlie CT USA Yes
51. Ann HI USA Maybe
52. Theresa MA USA Yes
53. Linda MA USA Maybe
54. David MA USA Maybe
55. Dennis USA Deceased
56. Jeffery MA USA Maybe
57. Joseph MA USA Unable
58. Virginia MA USA Yes
59. Mark MA USA Yes
60. Dean LA USA Maybe
61. Matthew MA USA Yes
62. John MA USA Yes
63. Aimee MA USA Yes
64. Kathleen NH USA Maybe
65. Phil USA Deceased
66. Merrie MA USA Maybe
67. Michael MA USA Yes
68. Matt MA USA Deceased
69. Brian MA USA Yes
70. Debbie MA USA Maybe
71. Joe MA USA Yes
72. Erin Yes
73. Maryann MA USA Yes
74. Lisa NH USA Yes
75. Scott MA USA Maybe
76. Lauren MA USA Maybe
77. Scott Yes
78. Hugh USA Deceased
79. Rosanne CT USA Maybe
80. Diane NH USA Yes
81. David USA Deceased
82. Yizzie MA USA Yes
83. Mark MA USA Yes
84. Roger Yes
85. Seth MA USA Yes
86. Susan GA USA Maybe
87. Billy USA Yes
88. Matt MA USA Yes
89. Nancy ME USA Yes
90. Martha NH USA Yes
91. Janet MA USA Yes
92. Theresa MA USA Yes
93. Tamara MA USA Yes
94. Mary USA Deceased
95. Fritz MA USA Deceased
96. Steve CA USA Maybe
97. Jay MA USA Yes
98. David MA USA Yes
99. Tom MA USA Yes
100. Kathleen MA USA Maybe
101. SHERRY IN USA Maybe
102. Steven MA USA Yes
103. Maddie Yes
104. Debbie MA USA Maybe
105. Eileen MA USA Maybe
106. Bob FL USA Yes
107. Susan MA USA Yes
108. Julie CA USA Maybe
109. Victoria MA USA Yes
110. Tracey MA USA Yes
111. Deborah MA USA Maybe
112. Virginia Maybe
113. Daniel ON CAN Unable
114. Kevin MA USA Yes
115. Lee MA USA Yes
116. Jane CT USA Maybe
117. Roy FL USA Maybe
118. Anne MA USA Yes
119. Cindy USA Deceased
120. Ginger FL USA Maybe
121. Matt MA USA Unable
122. Stacy MA USA Yes
123. Matt Maybe
124. Jess Yes
125. Dana CA USA Maybe
126. Kathleen MA USA Yes
127. Bruce NH USA Yes
128. Steve MA USA Maybe
129. Chris AZ USA Yes
130. Michael MA USA Yes
131. Sharon MA USA Maybe
132. Patricia NH USA Yes
133. Larry MA USA Yes
134. Glenn USA Deceased
135. Mary MA USA Maybe
136. Andrew MA USA Maybe
137. Connie CA USA Yes
138. Mike MA USA Yes
139. Valia MA USA Maybe
140. Charles USA Deceased
141. Anthony NC USA Unable
142. David MA USA Yes
143. Andy MA USA Yes
144. Bob MA USA Yes
145. Karen MA USA Maybe
146. Sean MA USA Yes
147. Laura MA USA Maybe
148. Mary-Kate Maybe
149. Laura MA USA Maybe
150. Deb MA USA Yes
151. Cathy MA USA Yes
152. Robert MA USA Yes
153. Donna MA USA Maybe
154. Lucy Maybe
155. Cathy FL USA Yes
156. Rebecca MA USA Yes
157. Tracey MA USA Maybe
158. Phyllis MA USA Maybe
159. Sandi IL USA Maybe
160. Susan MA USA Yes
161. Sharon VT USA Yes
162. Ann MA USA Maybe
163. Paul MA USA Yes
164. Kimberly MA USA Maybe
165. Mary Beth MA USA Yes
166. Leonard Maybe
167. Linda MA USA Yes
168. Jack Yes
169. Debbie MA USA Yes
170. Susan Maybe
171. Karen MA USA Yes
172. David MA USA Yes
173. Glenn MA USA Yes
174. Lisa MA USA Maybe
175. John CO USA Maybe
176. Mary MA USA Yes
177. Donna MA USA Maybe
178. Kathryn CO USA Maybe
179. Antoinette MA USA Maybe
180. Ted USA Yes
181. Pamela MA USA Unable
182. Johannah MA USA Maybe
183. Debbie USA Maybe
184. Margaret USA Deceased
185. Rick MA USA Yes
186. Ralph MA USA Maybe
187. Ann ME USA Yes
188. Stephen MA USA Maybe
189. Barbara Maybe
190. Van AZ USA Maybe
191. Bob FL USA Maybe
192. Jenifer MA USA Yes
193. Maria MA USA Maybe
194. Sue MA USA Yes
195. Sue AZ USA Maybe
196. Stephen MA USA Yes
197. Robert USA Deceased
198. John CA USA Unable
199. Beverly MA USA Maybe
200. Meg MA USA Maybe
201. David FL USA Unable
202. Pamela CA USA Maybe
203. Terry MA USA Yes
204. Matt USA Deceased
205. Gael MA USA Maybe
206. Darcy MA USA Yes
207. Gail Yes
208. Colette MA USA Maybe
209. Adrienne MA USA Maybe
210. Molly MN USA Maybe
211. Bob MA USA Maybe
212. Ali MA USA Maybe
213. Dianne CT USA Maybe
214. Fred MA USA Deceased
215. Mike MA USA Yes
216. Janet MA USA Maybe
217. David MA USA Maybe
218. Laura Yes
219. Lynn MA USA Maybe
220. James Maybe
221. Susan CA USA Maybe
222. Skip MA USA Maybe
223. Brenda Yes
224. Russell NJ USA Maybe
225. Steve FL USA Yes
226. Timothy UT USA Yes
227. Cathy Yes
228. Penny MA USA Maybe
229. Carol NJ USA Yes
230. James MA USA Yes
231. Michael MA USA Yes
232. Phyllis MA USA Maybe
233. Dick ME USA Maybe
234. Ray MA USA Maybe
235. Rob Yes
236. Cheryl CT USA Maybe
237. Paul MA USA Maybe
238. Elizabeth VA USA Maybe
239. Ed Yes
240. Karen FL USA Maybe
241. Marion MA USA Unable
242. Lorraine Maybe
243. Robin MA USA Maybe
244. June MA USA Yes
245. Jim CA USA Maybe
246. Fred MA USA Yes
247. Liz MA USA Maybe
248. Brian USA Deceased
249. Meg MA USA Maybe
250. Thomas MA USA Yes
252. Renato MA USA Maybe
1977 253. Stephen MA USA Yes
254. Gail MA USA Yes