Reunion Event - BEND SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - 1973 - Bend, OR Reunion


BEND SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Reunion Class of 1973

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Reunion Date & Directions:


Main Reunion Event


Saturday, August 10, 2013




Bend Golf and Country Club

Country club drive
Bend, or 97702

Ticket Cut off Date:

Friday, July 31, 2020

Reunion Information

Please register even if you cannot attend our current reunion, so we can notify you of our next one.


It's been 40 years since we walked out on the football field to receive our much awaited diplomas!

 FRIDAY NIGHT AUGUST 9  We have planned a Friday night casual get together at Crux Frementation Project at 50 sw Division St. a local brew pub in Bend.  This is a no-host event beginning at 5:30 and lasting until the last person standing.

SATURDAY NIGHT AUGUST 10 Saturday night we will gather at the Bend Golf and Country Club beginning at 5:30.   We will have a heavy hors dourves menu with a no-host bar.  A local DJ will be providing us with 70s music to dance or rock with.  Ticket prices are 35.00 a person before June 30 and 40.00 after words. Rick Snodgrass will be our Emcee for the evening.


GOLF SHIRTS/ SWEATSHIRTS Available only through our website will be golf shirts for 25.00 and quarter zip sweatshirts for 35.00.   These must be ordered in advance and will be handed out Friday night (or Saturday if you are only making it to one event).  The shirts are navy with gold embroidery.


SILENT AUCTION We also plan to have a silent auction at the Saturday Night Gala with proceeds to help defray current expenses and build up an account for future reunions.  We are looking for any type of donation suitable for auction.  Suggestions include memorabilia, gift cards, merchandise, services, handcrafts, vacation rentals.  Please email Jennifer Stenkamp, with questions or items you wish to donate.

ASSISSTANCE/DONATIONS We also want to insure that everyone who wants to attend, does.   Should your current circumstances make paying for the Saturday Night event  difficult, please contact us.   Likewise, if you would like to donate to helping a classmate we have made that option available as well.   All inquiries will be kept confidential.

We will also have activities planned for Saturday and will update this site as those plans are solidified.

If you are interested in a golf tournament on Saturday, please let us know.   We will need to know how many people would play in order to make those plans.

Please get the word out about our plans. We know that there are people out there that refuse to use a computer!  If you know of someone like that, let us know so we can contact them.

Class of 73 Reunion Committee

Michael Bach

Dan Brandis

Rob Fincham

Jennifer Stenkamp

Marla Rutherford Stidham

Steve and Jeannie Unversagt

Molly Wonser


Hotel Information

There are hotels to meet every price point in Bend.  We suggest that you make your reservations early as Bend is busy during the summer.  Any of the travel websites such as Orbitz or Travelocity will have plenty of choices for you.


Ticket Information

Golf shirts are navy blue with gold embroidery.  Sizes are mens xs to 4xl, womens are xs to 4xl.  Please be sure to indicate size when ordering

Quarter zip sweatshirts are also navy with gold embroidery.  Sizes are mens xs to 6xl and womens are xs to 4xl.  Please be sure to indicate size when ordering.

Shirts must be ordered in advance.  We will not have extras available.

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Bend, OR Online Reunion Yearbook
120 - Alumni Registered
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  Class Yr   First Name Last Name Maiden Name City St Country Attending
1. Cathy OR USA Maybe
2. Michael OR USA Maybe
3. Kelly WA USA Maybe
4. Debra OR USA Maybe
5. Allen OR USA Maybe
6. Cindy OR USA Maybe
7. Dan OR USA Maybe
8. Rebecca OR USA Maybe
9. Dan OR USA Maybe
10. Mary Maybe
11. Randy OR USA Maybe
12. John OR USA Maybe
13. Mac OR USA Maybe
14. Calvin ID USA Maybe
15. Bill OR USA Maybe
16. Coya OR USA Maybe
17. Michael OR USA Maybe
18. Sally OR USA Maybe
19. David OR USA Maybe
20. Elayne Logan OR USA Maybe
21. Buck OR USA Maybe
22. Donna WA USA Maybe
23. Diane TX USA Maybe
24. Karen OR USA Maybe
25. Jim OR USA Maybe
26. Kerry OR USA Maybe
27. Donna OR USA Maybe
28. Gala Jill Maybe
29. Kathleen WA USA Maybe
30. Robert OR USA Maybe
31. Spike OR USA Maybe
32. Julie SD USA Maybe
33. Gerette OR USA Maybe
34. John OR USA Maybe
35. Deb OR USA Maybe
36. Marla CA USA Maybe
37. Vicki OR USA Maybe
38. Keith OR USA Maybe
39. Mike OR USA Maybe
40. Ted AZ USA Maybe
41. Stephen OR USA Maybe
42. Patti OR USA Maybe
43. Danny OR USA Maybe
44. Connie OR USA Maybe
45. Letha OR USA Maybe
46. GAry OR USA Maybe
47. Susan OR USA Maybe
48. Brady WA USA Maybe
49. Robert NV USA Maybe
50. Dan OR USA Maybe
51. Randall WA USA Maybe
52. Cindy Maybe
53. James OR USA Maybe
54. Ted OR USA Maybe
55. Jeffery Maybe
56. Cindy OR USA Maybe
57. Scott AZ USA Maybe
58. Ken OR USA Maybe
59. Lief CA USA Maybe
60. Cindy OR USA Maybe
61. Doug OR USA Maybe
62. Don OR USA Maybe
63. Sue OR USA Maybe
64. Tim Maybe
65. Ed ID USA Maybe
66. Jeff OR USA Maybe
67. DeeAnne OR USA Maybe
68. Sky Maybe
69. Steve OR USA Maybe
70. Van Maybe
71. Gary OR USA Maybe
72. Louise Maybe
73. Jim OR USA Maybe
74. Patsy OR USA Maybe
75. Elmer OR USA Maybe
76. Marcia OR USA Maybe
77. Steve OR USA Maybe
78. Elena OR USA Maybe
79. Joe OR USA Maybe
80. Roselee OR USA Maybe
81. Tim OR USA Maybe
82. Lynn OR USA Maybe
83. John TX USA Maybe
84. Roger OR USA Maybe
85. Bill OR USA Maybe
86. Maureen NE USA Maybe
87. Keith OK USA Maybe
88. Mark Maybe
89. Debra OR USA Maybe
90. Maureen CA USA Maybe
91. John OR USA Maybe
92. Calvin OR USA Maybe
93. Debra OR USA Maybe
94. Jan OR USA Maybe
95. Sandy OR USA Maybe
96. Jennifer WA USA Maybe
97. Cary ID USA Maybe
98. Rick ID USA Maybe
99. Jennifer OR USA Maybe
100. Susan OR USA Maybe
101. Marla OR USA Maybe
102. Jill OR USA Maybe
103. Katrina OR USA Maybe
104. Helen OR USA Maybe
105. Jim LA USA Maybe
106. Mark WA USA Maybe
107. Richard OR USA Maybe
108. Jeannie OR USA Maybe
109. Kimmie Maybe
110. Dolores OR USA Maybe
111. Pam NV USA Maybe
112. David OR USA Maybe
113. Larry OR USA Maybe
114. Gary WA USA Maybe
115. Daryl AZ USA Maybe
116. Dana OR USA Maybe
117. Mary OR USA Maybe
118. Marcia CA USA Maybe
119. Molly OR USA Maybe
120. Stan OR USA Maybe