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Governor Livingston Football Alumni Association Multiple Year Reunion

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Reunion Date & Directions:


Main Reunion Event


Wednesday, November 25, 2015


6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


Governor Livingston High School Cafeteria

175 Watchung Blvd.
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922

Ticket Cut off Date:

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Reunion Information

Please register even if you cannot attend our current reunion, so we can notify you of our next one.

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Governor Livingston Football Alumni Association Class of Multiple Year Reunion
Berkeley Heights, NJ Online Reunion Yearbook
87 - Alumni Registered
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    First Name Last Name Maiden Name City St Country Attending
1. Anthony NJ USA Yes
2. Jensen NJ USA Yes
3. Tyler NJ USA Yes
4. RJ NJ USA Yes
5. PJ NJ USA Yes
6. Ryan NJ USA Yes
7. Connor NJ USA Yes
8. Jasper NJ USA Yes
9. Evan NJ USA Maybe
10. Patrick NJ USA Yes
11. Michael NJ USA Yes
12. Jeff NJ USA Yes
13. Andrew NJ USA Yes
14. Carol NJ USA Yes
15. Patrick NJ USA Yes
16. Jason Nj USA Maybe
17. Matthew NJ USA Maybe
18. Lori NJ USA Yes
1961 19. Richard Maybe
1974 20. Gerald J NJ USA Maybe
21. Ron TX USA Maybe
1979 22. John NJ USA Yes
1980 23. Jim NJ USA Maybe
1985 24. Jon Yes
1986 25. Gary NJ USA Yes
26. Carl NJ USA Maybe
1990 27. Dave NJ USA Maybe
1992 28. Rick USA Yes
1995 29. Anthony NJ USA Maybe
1997 30. Marc NJ USA Maybe
31. Michael NJ USA Yes
1998 32. David Unable
33. Dan NJ USA Yes
34. Chet NJ USA Yes
35. Adam NJ USA Yes
36. Chris NJ USA Yes
1999 37. Mike NY USA Maybe
38. Kristopher NJ USA Maybe
39. William NJ USA Yes
40. Alex NJ USA Unable
41. Philip NJ USA Maybe
2000 42. Jeremy NJ USA Unable
43. Jeremy NJ USA Maybe
44. Tom NJ USA Unable
45. Mark Maybe
2001 46. Marc PA USA Maybe
47. Robert NJ USA Maybe
2002 48. Matthew NJ USA Maybe
2003 49. Joseph NJ USA Maybe
50. Justin NJ USA Maybe
51. Drew NJ USA Maybe
2006 52. Timothy NJ USA Yes
53. Marc NJ USA Maybe
2007 54. Matthew NY USA Yes
55. Matthew NY USA Maybe
56. Tommy NJ USA Yes
57. Michael NJ USA Yes
58. Nicholas NJ USA Maybe
59. Matthew NJ USA Yes
2008 60. Gary Yes
61. Joseph NJ USA Maybe
2009 62. Ian NJ USA Maybe
63. Doug NJ USA Yes
64. John MA USA Maybe
65. Matthew FL USA Maybe
2010 66. Michael NJ USA Maybe
67. Michael Maybe
2011 68. Dylan NJ USA Maybe
69. Patrick NJ USA Maybe
70. Richie NJ USA Maybe
71. Matthew NJ USA Maybe
2012 72. Anthony NJ USA Maybe
73. Rob NJ USA Maybe
2013 74. Mike NJ USA Maybe
75. Justin NJ USA Maybe
76. Clay NJ USA Maybe
77. Manuel NJ USA Maybe
78. Joe NJ USA Maybe
2014 79. Dylan NJ USA Yes
80. Thomas NJ USA Yes
81. Brian NJ USA Yes
Camper 82. Jack NJ USA Maybe
Friend 83. Carlton NJ USA Maybe
84. Rich NJ USA Maybe
Multiple Year Reunion 85. Ray NJ USA Yes
Staff 86. Willaim NJ USA Maybe
87. Denis NJ USA Maybe