Reunion Event - FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL - 50th - 1964 - Stockton, CA Reunion
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FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL - 50th Reunion Class of 1964

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Reunion Ticket Purchase is now closed.
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Reunion Information

Please register even if you cannot attend our current reunion, so we can notify you of our next one.

Early bird Reunion tickets has ended.

Ticket price $65 per person up to the September 16 deadline or until maximum capacity reached.

Event - 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM

Served Plated Dinner

No Host Bar

Dressy Casual Attire

Hotel Information

Hotel accomodations can be made at several local hotels.  

Here are some suggested locations in Stockton:

1.  Best Western Heritage (800-780-7234)

2.  La  Quinta Inn (209-952-7800 or 800-753-3757)

3.  Hilton (800-774-1500)

Ticket Information

Early bird Reunion ticket purchase has ended.  

Reunion ticket price is $65 per person up to the September 16 deadline or until maximum capacity reached.

Event - 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM

Served Plated Dinner

No Host Bar

Dressy Casual Attire

Class of 1964
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FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL - 50th Class of 1964
Stockton, CA Online Reunion Yearbook
85 - Alumni Registered - See you at the Next Reunion !
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    First Name Last Name Maiden Name City St Country Reunion 9/20/14
1. Irene R. CA USA Yes
2. Rhonda NV USA Yes
3. Tony CA USA Yes
4. Michael CA USA Yes
5. Barry CA USA Yes
6. Theresa CA USA Yes
7. John CA USA Yes
8. Tony CA USA Yes
9. Tem CA USA Yes
10. Kathy CA USA Yes
11. Marshall Unable
12. Charles USA Yes
13. Gary CA USA Yes
14. Donna CA USA Yes
15. Dennis OR USA Unable
16. Jack CA USA Yes
18. Luci CA USA Yes
19. Sharon MD USA Yes
20. Henry CA USA Yes
21. Anthony CA USA Yes
22. Ken CA USA Yes
23. Rich CA USA Yes
24. Colleen USA Yes
25. Sharon CA VIR Yes
26. Sunny CA USA Yes
27. June CA USA Yes
28. David USA Yes
29. Mrs. CA USA Yes
30. Sam NV USA Yes
31. David USA Yes
32. Carole CA USA Unable
33. Tillie CA USA Yes
34. Janet CA USA Yes
35. Paul CA USA Yes
36. Dennis CA USA Yes
37. Lou CA USA Yes
38. Steven AZ USA Yes
39. Terry "TJ" ID USA Yes
40. Andrea OR USA Unable
41. Larry CA USA Yes
42. Garry CA USA Yes
43. Daniel USA Yes
44. Glenda Yes
45. Pennie CA USA Yes
46. Lin NV USA Yes
47. Danielle USA Yes
48. Vicki CA USA Yes
49. John CA USA Yes
50. Sharon CA USA Yes
51. Thomas CA USA Yes
52. Alice USA Yes
53. Gloria CA USA Yes
54. Larry CA USA Yes
55. Elaine CA USA Yes
56. Donna CA USA Yes
57. Stella CA USA Yes
58. Edna CA USA Yes
59. Ed USA Yes
60. Philip OR USA Yes
61. Ralph USA Yes
62. Angie CA USA Unable
63. Cathie FL USA Unable
64. Jim CA USA Yes
65. Steve CA USA Yes
66. Rose Marie CA USA Yes
67. Sharon CA USA Yes
68. Maryjane CA USA Yes
69. Mary Ellen TX USA Yes
70. Larry CA USA Yes
71. Trannie CA USA Yes
72. Richard C USA Yes
73. Doyle OK USA Yes
74. Gloria Yes
75. Manual CA USA Yes
77. Lydia CA USA Unable
79. Jessie CA USA Yes
80. Darla CA USA Yes
81. Pam CA USA Yes
82. Jim USA Yes
83. Barbara CA USA Yes
84. Judee FL USA Yes
85. Billy USA Yes