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Gaylord High School / St. Mary's High School Multiple Year Reunion

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Reunion Information

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At the door sales are SOLD OUT as well.
No crashers please.





We will be making history on July 16, 2016! 

The first ever SUPER REUNION will be held at the Otsego County Fairgrounds from 5pm until 10pm.


5pm - 5:45pm Check-in/Social hour

5:45pm Dinner is served

6pm - 10pm FUN!


Originally planned for the classes of 1977-1983. We had many people from other years ask if they could also attend so we decided that no one would be turned away.

Click on the Hotel Info tab for discounted accommodations.


Photo Booth!!!

Door prizes donated by several area merchants, teachers and alumni include An Apple laptop, a Yeti cooler, an HP color laser printer and many more!

Music provided by


Dinner catered by Louie Louie's BBQ is included.

Bring your own beverages. 

Water and snacks will be provided courtesy of Save A Lot.

Alcohol is permitted but will not be served.  BYOB.


Over 290 attending!

You do not need to print your tickets. We will have a guest check-in list at the door.

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Commitee members: Kurt David, Jerome Garrett, Hans Intgroen, Kellie Johnson-Puroll, Suetta Green-Soper, Tracy Knapp–Wright.



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Ticket Information

Gaylord High School / St. Mary's High School
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Class of Multiple Year Reunion
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Gaylord High School / St. Mary's High School Class of Multiple Year Reunion
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    First Name Last Name Maiden Name City St Country Reunion 7/16/16
1. Lonnie USA Deceased
2. Hollie MI USA Maybe
3. Ed USA Deceased
4. Thomas USA Deceased
5. William USA Deceased
6. Larry USA Deceased
7. Dennita MI USA Maybe
8. Charlotte USA Deceased
9. Tom USA Deceased
10. Jim USA Deceased
11. Juanita USA Deceased
12. Juliet CO USA Unable
13. Bill USA Deceased
14. Brian MI USA Maybe
15. Jessica AB CAN Maybe
16. Paul USA Deceased
17. Jay USA Deceased
1943 18. Vergeline AZ USA Yes
1951 19. Marjorie Nev USA Yes
1953 20. Jerry USA Deceased
1955 21. Redford j MI USA Maybe
1959 22. Richard USA Deceased
1960 23. Keith USA Deceased
1962 24. Michael MI USA Maybe
1963 25. Richard USA Deceased
26. Rob MI USA Yes
1964 27. Marilyn MI USA Maybe
28. Betty MI USA Maybe
1965 29. Mary USA Maybe
30. Vicki MI USA Yes
31. Bruce USA Yes
1966 32. Martin MI USA Maybe
1967 33. Walter USA Deceased
34. Becky MI USA Yes
1968 35. Mark MI USA
1969 36. Susan NY USA Yes
37. Jo MI USA
38. Mark USA Yes
1970 39. Nancy USA Yes
40. Elaine MI USA Yes
41. Denise USA Deceased
1971 42. Paul MI USA Unable
43. Pat IN USA Maybe
1972 44. Kris MI USA Yes
45. Linda USA Deceased
46. Janice AL USA Maybe
1973 47. Vikki USA Yes
48. Chris AZ USA Maybe
49. Julie MI USA Maybe
1974 50. Marcia USA Deceased
51. Jamie USA Deceased
52. Laura MI USA Maybe
53. Jackie MI USA Maybe
54. Kathy WA USA Maybe
1975 55. Margaret MI USA Maybe
56. Francine USA Deceased
57. Shari USA Deceased
58. Patrick USA Deceased
59. Monica MI USA Maybe
60. Jack USA Deceased
61. Audie USA Deceased
62. Cem MI USA Yes
63. Kim USA Deceased
64. Ricky USA Deceased
1976 65. Ralph MI USA Unable
66. Sally USA Deceased
67. Diane USA Deceased
68. MeLissa MI USA Maybe
69. Keith AZ USA Maybe
1977 70. Kalvin USA Deceased
71. Doug MI USA Yes
72. Karen NM USA
73. Cynthia MI USA Yes
74. Kellie MI USA Yes
75. Ed TX USA Yes
76. Judi USA Yes
77. Beverly SC USA Maybe
78. Nancy USA Yes
79. Sue USA Deceased
80. Mike USA Deceased
81. Jill TX USA Yes
82. Margaret MI USA Unable
83. Monica USA Deceased
84. Missy MI USA Yes
85. Sandra MI USA Yes
86. Linda USA Deceased
87. Phyllis st. USA Yes
88. Ivan USA Deceased
89. Denver USA Deceased
90. Marc USA Deceased
91. Brenda MI USA Yes
92. Maureen USA Deceased
1978 93. George USA Deceased
94. Michelle TX USA Yes
95. Michelle USA Yes
96. Steven NC USA Yes
97. Jill USA Deceased
98. Rocky USA Deceased
99. Richard MI USA Yes
100. Alec Mi USA Maybe
101. Jesse USA Deceased
102. Bryan USA Deceased
103. Rebecca USA Deceased
104. Heidi FL USA Yes
105. Rusty USA Deceased
106. Connie CO USA Yes
107. Mary MI USA Yes
108. Raymond CO USA Unable
109. Luke MD USA Yes
110. Julie MI USA Yes
111. Mike FL USA Yes
112. Chad MI USA Maybe
113. Joyce OK USA Yes
114. Mark ON CAN
115. Todd FL USA Unable
116. Linda USA Maybe
117. Cindy USA Deceased
118. Shelli FL USA Maybe
119. Robert MI USA Yes
120. Mark USA Deceased
121. Mae USA Deceased
122. Tracy USA Yes
123. Brian USA Deceased
124. Brenda VA USA Yes
125. Cheri USA Deceased
126. Terry MI USA Yes
127. Arnold USA Yes
128. Marie MI USA Yes
129. Valerie USA Deceased
130. Greg MI USA Yes
131. Bob IL USA Yes
132. Dan mi USA Maybe
133. Tom USA Deceased
134. Greg MI USA Yes
135. Susan MI USA Maybe
136. Barbara MI USA Maybe
137. Russell MO USA Maybe
138. Jack mi USA Yes
139. Cheryl MI USA Yes
140. Susan USA Yes
141. Robert USA Yes
142. Linda WI USA Yes
143. Juli FL USA Maybe
144. John MI USA Yes
145. Scott TN USA
146. Jim MI USA Yes
1979 147. Beth OH USA Maybe
148. Randy USA Deceased
149. John MI USA Maybe
150. Melody MI USA Yes
151. Sheri-Lyn TN USA Yes
152. Carrie MI USA Yes
153. Dawn mi USA Maybe
154. Irene MI USA
155. Toby AL USA Yes
156. Dan Yes
157. Laurie FL USA Maybe
158. Jacque USA Deceased
159. Al WI USA Yes
160. Cindy USA Yes
161. Richelle MI USA Yes
162. Randolph USA Yes
163. Scott IN USA Yes
164. William NY USA Yes
165. Denise OH USA Maybe
166. Kris USA Deceased
167. Kimberly MI USA Yes
168. Susan FL USA
169. Harry USA Deceased
170. Bill USA Deceased
171. Bill MI USA Yes
172. Billy USA Deceased
173. Darrin USA Deceased
174. Shawn Mi USA Maybe
175. Janel CA USA Unable
176. Val
177. Dan OR USA Yes
178. John MI USA Yes
179. Leslie NY USA Yes
180. Carrie MI USA Yes
181. Linda IL USA Yes
182. Edith MI USA Yes
183. Michelle MI USA Maybe
184. Rene MI USA Yes
185. Mary Jo MI USA Yes
186. Ron MI USA Yes
187. Julia MI USA Maybe
188. Tim MI USA Maybe
189. Timmy USA Deceased
190. Steven MI USA Yes
191. Robert MI USA Yes
192. Judy MI USA Yes
1980 193. Kathleen USA Yes
194. Linda USA Deceased
195. Renee MI USA Yes
196. David MI USA Yes
197. Laurie MI USA Maybe
198. Jerry OH USA Unable
199. Kim TX USA Maybe
200. Jodette NC USA Yes
201. Kenneth Mi USA Maybe
202. Kerry MI USA Maybe
203. Gena MA USA
204. Wanda MI USA Yes
205. Mark MI USA Yes
206. Marilyn mi USA Yes
207. Jim USA Deceased
208. Kurt A. MI USA Yes
209. Casey USA Yes
210. Wendy IL USA Maybe
211. Theresa USA Yes
212. Judy Mi USA Yes
213. Craig AZ USA Yes
214. Lynne FL USA Yes
215. Jerome Yes
216. Vicky MI USA Yes
217. Steve MI USA Yes
218. Laura USA Deceased
219. Jeff USA Deceased
220. Jeff USA Deceased
221. Hans MI USA Yes
222. Jeanne USA Yes
223. John USA Yes
224. Jeanne USA Maybe
225. Sandra MI USA Yes
226. Cheryl USA Unable
227. Todd MI USA Maybe
228. Jaye Lynn Yes
229. Sally FL USA Yes
230. Debra MI USA Maybe
231. Troy USA Deceased
232. Margie MI USA Yes
233. Jolyn FL USA Yes
234. Stacey USA Deceased
235. Michael CO USA Yes
236. Doug MI USA Yes
237. Suzanne MI USA Maybe
238. Barbara MI USA Yes
239. Ben USA Deceased
240. Marc CA USA Yes
241. Bonnie USA Deceased
242. Nanette MI USA Yes
243. Daniel MI USA Yes
244. Cynthia TN USA Yes
245. Konnie FL USA Yes
246. Kellie MI USA Yes
247. Brian USA Deceased
248. Brenda NA USA
249. Randy USA Deceased
250. Ralph USA Deceased
251. Tina KS USA Yes
252. Sherrie MI USA Yes
253. MaryJo USA Deceased
254. Richard USA Deceased
255. Ken MI USA Yes
256. Jenny VA USA Yes
257. Suetta
258. James Yes
259. George VA USA Yes
260. George SC USA Maybe
261. Deidre MI USA Maybe
262. Debbie MI USA Yes
263. Kelly CA USA Yes
264. Sam USA Deceased
265. Wanda MI USA Yes
266. Martina MI USA Unable
267. Kurt Ore USA Yes
268. Beth USA Unable
269. Richard Mr USA Yes
1981 270. Charlene USA Deceased
271. Daphne FL USA Yes
272. Terri mi USA Yes
273. Deborah USA Deceased
274. Randy NY USA Maybe
275. Kristy MI USA Yes
276. Peggy USA Deceased
277. Luis Claudio USA Yes
278. Arlene GA USA Maybe
279. Rick MI USA Yes
280. Robert MI USA Yes
281. Samuel Wa USA Maybe
282. Leonard MI USA Yes
283. Karen FL USA Yes
284. Karen MI USA Yes
285. Cyndi MI USA Maybe
286. Michele USA Yes
287. Lorelei MI USA
288. Rose USA Yes
289. Denise Tx USA Yes
290. Troy CA USA Yes
291. Stephan USA Deceased
292. Mike CO USA Yes
293. Dickinson OH USA
294. Steve MI USA Yes
295. Linda MI USA Yes
296. Dave USA Deceased
297. Christopher USA Deceased
298. John USA Deceased
299. Randy USA Deceased
300. Denise AR USA Yes
301. Sandy MI USA Yes
302. Tammie USA Unable
303. Tammie USA Maybe
304. Nancy Mic USA Yes
305. Sandy USA Yes
306. Darrin USA Deceased
307. Becky USA Deceased
308. Mike USA Deceased
309. Jennifer MI USA Yes
310. Glen USA Deceased
311. Sandy OH USA Unable
312. Adam USA Deceased
313. Alan WI USA Maybe
314. Lynn MI USA Yes
315. Tracy MI USA Yes
316. Robyn MI USA Yes
1982 317. Cathy USA Deceased
318. Bob MI USA Yes
319. Holli MI USA Yes
320. Bethany USA Maybe
321. Vern USA Maybe
322. Kate MI USA Yes
323. Kathryn CA USA Unable
324. Cindy MI USA Yes
325. Mark USA Yes
326. Jackie VT USA
327. Sharon MA USA Yes
328. Anita MI USA Yes
329. Ross USA Yes
330. Mary MI USA Maybe
331. Todd MI USA Yes
332. Joni USA Deceased
333. Mark USA Deceased
334. Jerry USA Maybe
335. Kelly USA Unable
336. Diane MI USA Maybe
337. Mary MI USA Yes
338. Patty MI USA Yes
339. Chyral MI USA Yes
340. Janie USA Deceased
341. Pat USA Deceased
342. Wendy MI USA Maybe
343. Richard MI USA Yes
344. Christabelle USA Yes
345. Grace USA Maybe
1983 346. David TX USA Yes
347. Dennis USA Yes
348. Cindy MI USA Yes
349. Karin MI USA Yes
350. Mitchell MI USA Maybe
351. James USA Deceased
352. Cindy MN USA Yes
353. Beth MI USA Yes
354. Tana MI USA Unable
355. Jill MI USA
356. Jeanine TN USA Yes
357. Chris USA Deceased
358. Kristine MI USA Yes
359. Donna MI USA Yes
360. Cynthia NE USA Maybe
361. Kate MI USA Yes
362. Patti MI USA Maybe
363. Anthony AR USA Yes
364. Jenny MI USA Yes
365. Cathy MI USA Yes
366. Debra MI USA Yes
1984 367. Paul NC USA Yes
368. Marty MI USA Yes
369. Stephen SD USA
370. Gregory MI USA Yes
371. Lisa Sou USA Maybe
372. Patricia MI USA Yes
373. Brian wy USA Maybe
374. Larry USA Deceased
375. Julie USA Deceased
376. Jay MI USA Yes
377. Kevin USA Yes
378. Mitchell USA Deceased
379. Dawn USA Unable
380. Matt USA Deceased
381. Michelle MI USA Yes
382. Tony USA Yes
1985 383. Jennifer TX USA Yes
384. Ed USA Deceased
385. Dave USA Deceased
386. Diane USA Deceased
387. Lori MI USA Yes
388. Tyler (Andy) and Melissa MI USA
389. Jennifer USA Deceased
390. Wendy USA Deceased
391. Patricia MI USA Yes
392. Hope MI USA Yes
393. Debra ND USA Yes
394. Karen USA Deceased
1986 395. Mike USA Deceased
396. Marybeth USA Deceased
397. Dore MI USA Maybe
398. Heather CA USA Yes
399. Kim MI USA Unable
400. Cindy USA Maybe
401. Shawn USA Deceased
402. Mike USA Deceased
403. Steve Maybe
404. Amie MI USA Maybe
405. Lisa MI USA Maybe
406. Lori CO USA Yes
407. Leann MI USA Maybe
408. Karen MI USA Maybe
409. Joanie MI USA Maybe
410. Craig USA Unable
411. Craig HI USA Maybe
412. Mike USA Deceased
1987 413. Brian MI USA Maybe
414. Nancy VA USA Yes
415. Honorable Dan USA Deceased
416. Sally USA Deceased
417. John USA Deceased
418. Mike Yes
419. Mark MI USA Yes
420. Mike MI USA Maybe
421. Randy USA Deceased
422. Lisa MI USA Yes
423. Lori USA Deceased
424. Joan USA Unable
425. Rich USA Deceased
426. Carmen MI USA Maybe
1988 427. John USA Yes
428. David MI USA Yes
429. Laura MI USA Yes
430. Michael MN USA Maybe
431. Marlene MI USA Yes
432. Sonni MI USA Yes
433. Theresa Yes
434. Scott MI USA Yes
435. Kathy MI USA Yes
436. Nicolette MI USA
437. Julie MI USA Yes
1989 438. Todd MI USA Maybe
439. Jackie MI USA Yes
440. Kim MI USA Maybe
441. Theresa MI USA Maybe
442. Charlotte Angel TX USA Yes
443. Stacy USA Maybe
444. Jessica MI USA Yes
445. Donna VA USA
446. Mark USA Unable
1990 447. Jason USA Yes
448. Kristie USA Yes
1991 449. Danielle MI USA Yes
450. Amy MI USA Yes
451. Robyn MI USA Maybe
452. Amy MI USA Maybe
1992 453. Heidi MI USA Maybe
454. Dawn USA Maybe
1993 455. April MI USA Yes
456. Violet MI USA Maybe
457. Jeremy LA USA Yes
458. Kelli USA Yes
1994 459. Gwendolyn USA Deceased
460. Jaime MI USA Yes
461. Kathi USA Deceased
462. Michael USA Deceased
463. Joseph USA Deceased
1995 464. Aaron MI USA Maybe
1996 465. Patrick NA USA
466. Joseph MI USA Maybe
1998 467. Melissa USA Maybe
468. Melissa ca USA Maybe
469. Jackson WY USA Yes
1999 470. Chad MI USA Yes
2000 471. Shawna IL USA Maybe
2001 472. Brooke MI USA Yes
473. Jessica MI USA Maybe
474. Donald MI USA Yes
475. Tonia MI USA Maybe
476. Julianne USA Deceased
477. Jennifer TX USA Yes
478. Nathan MI USA Yes
479. Amber USA Maybe
480. Marcia USA Maybe
481. Diana USA Yes
482. Krystal USA Maybe
483. Elaine MI USA Maybe
484. Andrew
2002 485. Patrick USA
486. Brandon USA Deceased
2004 487. April MI USA
2006 488. Michael USA Maybe
2007 489. Janelle USA Maybe
490. Jacqueline USA Maybe
2008 491. Monica USA Yes
492. Monica USA Yes
2010 493. Benjamin MI USA Yes
494. Erica MI USA Yes
2012 495. Megan TX USA Maybe