Duluth East High School
Duluth East High School 30th Reunion
Class of 1986

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Duluth East High School Reunion Class of 1986

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Reunion Date & Directions:


Main Reunion Event


Saturday, August 06, 2016


6:00 pm


Pier B Resort

800 West Railroad St.
Duluth, MN 55812

Ticket Cut off Date:

Thursday, August 04, 2016
Other Reunion Events

Date:  Friday August 5, 2016
Time:  6:00 pm Till

Event: Reunion Pre-Bash


Clyde Iron Works
2920 W Michigan St
Duluth, MN 55806

Web Site:


Come see your classmates at The Clyde! No registration fee, just pay for your beverages and food.

Reunion Information

Please register even if you cannot attend our current reunion, so we can notify you of our next one.

Hotel Information

The new Pier B Resort is gorgeous, we'll have the ballroom & outdoor patio area that overlooks the bay, lift bridge, Bayfront Park, etc.

Below are sleeping room descriptions and per night rates, excluding taxes:

Queen Class: $279 per night.  This room type features two (2) queen beds, mini fridge, coffee maker, microwave, bathroom and the room has a view of either the city of Duluth or historic Enger Tower.

Queen Harbor: $329 per night.  This room type features two (2) queen beds, mini fridge, coffee maker, microwave, a bathroom and has view of either the harbor, marina or the Aerial Lift Bridge.

King Mini Suite: $349 per night.  The King Mini Suite features a king bed, mini fridge, coffee maker, microwave, as well as a soaking tub in the bedroom and a shower in the bathroom. The suite also has an excellent harbor view.

Pier B Resort
800 West Railroad Street
Duluth, MN 55802
Phone: 218-481-8888
Website: www.pierbresort.com



Also, we have a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn & Suites downtown. We have a special rate of $249 per night, no minimum stay so you can book either one night or two or more. Use the Group Code of: E86 when you make your reservation.

Holiday Inn & Suites
200 West First Street
Duluth, MN 55802
Phone: 218-722-1202
Website: www.hiduluth.com


Ticket Information

Duluth East High School
Class of 1986
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Duluth East High School Class of 1986
Duluth, MN Online Reunion Yearbook
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    First Name Last Name Maiden Name City St Country Attending
1. Jinell MN USA Yes
2. Ann WI USA Maybe
3. Ann WI USA Yes
4. Gina MN USA Yes
5. Jim IL USA Yes
6. Andre Mn USA Yes
7. Jodi Mn USA Unable
8. Jamie MN USA Yes
9. Ruth MN USA Yes
10. Pete FL USA Maybe
11. Kristi MN USA
12. Amy MN USA Unable
13. Gary MN USA Yes
14. Eric MN USA Yes
15. Brian MN USA Yes
16. Robin MN USA Yes
17. Tim TX USA Yes
18. Christie MN USA Maybe
19. Roxanne MN USA Maybe
20. Carrie MN USA Unable
21. Brian MN USA Yes
22. Kim MT USA Yes
23. Jill MN USA Maybe
24. Gerry MN USA Unable
25. Andy MN USA Unable
26. Shawn MN USA Yes
27. Cory WI USA Maybe
28. Esme
29. Kent MN USA Yes
30. Tracy NC USA Yes
31. Sue MN USA Yes
32. Chris MN USA Maybe
33. Tracy IA USA Unable
34. Mike Mn USA Maybe
35. Rebecca MN USA Yes
36. Kyle MN USA Yes
37. Chuck MN USA Yes
38. Mary MN USA Unable
39. Carleen MN USA Maybe
40. Tricia MN USA Unable
41. Carrie WI USA Yes
42. Chris MN USA Yes
43. Mary MN USA Maybe
44. Scott OR USA Maybe
45. Rickeejean mn USA Yes
46. Jennifer MN USA Yes
47. Tricia MN USA Yes
48. Laura
49. Sarah MN USA Yes
50. Sue CT. USA Yes
51. Arlene WI USA
52. Lori MN USA Yes
53. Kelly FL USA Maybe
54. Jodi MN USA Maybe
55. Tom MN USA Yes
56. Heather WA USA Unable
57. Jeanne MN USA Unable
58. Kris MN USA Maybe
59. Jarrod MN USA Yes
60. Dean KS USA Yes
61. Carol mn USA Maybe
62. Carol mn USA Maybe
63. Lori Maybe
64. Renee MN USA Maybe
65. Harmony ND USA Yes
66. Tony MN USA Yes
68. Dede MN USA
69. Rebecca MN USA Maybe
70. Melissa MN USA Yes
71. Ronald MD USA Yes
72. Julie Md USA Yes
73. Allen MN USA Maybe
74. Stefanie MN USA
75. Linnea MM USA Maybe
76. Corky MN USA Maybe
77. Abby WI USA Maybe
78. Natalie MI USA Yes
79. Jodi MN USA Maybe
80. Robert WI USA Maybe
81. Anne MN USA Maybe
82. Mike MN USA